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Bridging the gap between data and business, our platform uses advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms to analyze millions of customer’s data features, their combinations and possible scenarios. Then, it goes right to automatic interpretation, prediction and campaign generation, delivered through user friendly and intuitive interface

The future of AI marketing is here

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Analyzing the data

multi-channel marketing optimization tool

Artificial intuition model

BI made easy. Use our unique predictive tools to get actionable insights, generate campaigns and boost your ROI for KPIs of your choice at any stage of the funnel, through intuitive user friendly interface

App Screens

optimization of ads, games and landing page layouts

Deep learning algorithms

Find most efficient for your KPIs keywords and graphic layouts for ads, landing pages and games interfaces for any channel to reach highest conversions and to improve customer retention rates


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About us

We are experienced professionals from Israel. Our deep expertise in machine learning, deep data analyses and digital marketing enables us to effectively deliver cutting edge solutions for most demanding marketing tasks

Machine learning for marketing

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